Greeco Venture


Greeco Venture is a place we promise good quality of photos printing. We guarantee in our excellence skills in photo developing and services to ensure that the photos bring you the most enjoyment.

We understand that your photo is your memories. Memory is one of the most powerful and valuable assets you can own. A memory can be tricky, it can be change over time, parts can be lost, and sometimes it can be totally misplaced in the brain. The most important thing to remember is share your memories by preserving them into the photos.

As a FDI photo shop, we are ready to serve everyone with our quality assurance. Our dynamic and dedicated staff strives to provide you the quality print out on FujiColor Crystal Archieve Photographic Paper , which is produced by using FUJIFILM CP-49HV II PCX2 Chemical and FUJIFILM Digital Minilab Frontier Machine.

Fujifilm is consistently a leader in the imaging world, and now the Digital Minilab Frontier represents a crystallization of Fujifilm's imaging technology. Used in conjunction with Fujifilm processing chemicals and original color paper, Frontier processing ensures beautiful prints.

FDI (Fuji Digital Imaging) is a system that allows FDI photo shop that have invested in fuji film digital technology to produce amazing photographs from any digital media or conventional film. FDI retail shops are equiped with the latest digital picture printing technology allowing you to produce outstanding quality prints from almost any form of digital media.

Because Fujifilm knows pictures, we're able to offer sophisticated digital image-processing technology. Image Intelligence ™ is Fujifilm's original digital image processing and correction technology. It automatically analyzes scenes and subjects and performs optimum image correction.

Besides photo quality assurance, we bring convenience to you too. Now you can choose to send your pictures for print to us with our latest Photo Prinitng Software.

Thank you for the trust and making us the special one at this special moment.