Reduce Shipment Cost

We’re here to share something about shipping cost.

We got delivery and pick up at store service for our customer.Which is the most saver for our customer? Money or time?

If delivery to Peninsular Malaysia, we charge RM8.00 for below 500g. 500g to 2kg will be cost RM13.00 additional RM2.00 for each additional kg. 2kg can carry up 500pcs 4R photo.
so each 4R only cost RM0.026 for delivery.

We assume the distance between the nearest photo printing shop with your house/office/shop at 10km, there wil be total 20km (10km for go to submit the photo soft copy and another 10 km to collect the photos). Another assume that no traffic jam on the way to the photo printing shop, estimated petrol cost could be at RM0.15/km without calculating car maintenance such as car tyre, lubricant oil, brake and so on. Take 30-45min to collect the photo. May be another RM1.00++ or may be more for car park.

Money could be earn, but time cannot be earn again.Time Is free, but it`s pricless.



Greeco Venture Updated Software To V2.4.0 With 5 Free 6R Size Photo Print

Greeco Venture redesign and update photo print software to version 2.4.0 for fix bug and better user interface. More promotion and offer will be available to help you keep your lovely memory safe and easy. One of the greatest offer is free 5 pieces 6R size photo prints.

Greeco Venture photo print software named as “PhotoShop” mean photo shop just inside your PC. “Photoshop” is a user friendly software for choosing, editing and uploading photos. Before upload, user can choose and crop their favourite image. User can even check the print out status by viewing the thumbnail layout at right hand side. If user do not satisfy with the default print out, they can just simple click on “CROP” to edit the image. “PhotoShop” handle ‘landscape’ and ‘portrait’ images well without manually check and convert to ‘landscape’ and/or ‘portrait’ prior add into the software. “PhotoShop” also support resume function during upload, every unsuccessful upload photos will be resume once customer relaunch “PhotoShop” again. User do not need to re-do the steps all over again.

To ensure quality and lasting, Greeco Venture uses Fujicolor Crystal Archive photographic paper from Fujifilm to print out the photo. Fujifilm Crystal Archive photo paper provides highest color image stability, unsurpassesd whites, clear highlights, superb sharpness and vivid color reproduction. Fujifilm Crystal Archive photo paper is a color paper incorporating Fujifilm’s latest coupler, base, and tone-control technologies to deliver superb colors and pure whites with exceptional color image stability and sharpness for high-quality prints of lasting beauty. Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper is backprinted for instant recognition. The actual imprint is a subtle, light gray. Greeco Venture prints will last several decades before any noticeable fading occurs. Unlike ink-jet printing, our process is similar to how traditional film is processed, meaning your digital images are transferred to actual photographic paper and will last a very long time. The average lifespan of photographic paper is hard to estimate as it depends on various factors such as the intensity of the light the paper is exposed to and the humidity of the environment. Our print life should exceed 50 years in the right conditions.

Greeco Venture currently having a campaign for give away 5 pieces 6R size photo prints worth RM20.00 with no minimum quantity order required to make sure your memory stay safe with you. Beside that, Greeco Venture also offer 4R size photo print at the price as low as RM0.25 with no minimum quantity order required too.

Contact Greeco Venture if you wish to know further detail about the promotion offer by them, or if you want to inquiry, you can contact them at:

Phone: 04-6595770

Facebook: Greeco Venture

Address:4P, Lorong Delima 10, Island Glades, Gelugor 11700 Penang, Malaysia